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架菜梨案 Kanaria
「あなたと触れ合って広がる / When I’m with You My World is Bountiful」                                       

会期:2019年7月19日 [金] – 8月3日[土]
オープニングパーティー: 7月19日 [金 ]18:00 - 20:00

Dates: 2019.7.19 (Fri.) – 8.3 (Sat.)
Opening Party: 7.19 (Fri.) 18:00 - 20:00

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禅フォトギャラリーは、7月19日から8月3日まで、架菜梨案個展「あなたと触れ合って広がる/When I’m with You My World is Bountiful」を開催いたします。







ー 2019年6月 架菜梨案




Zen Foto Gallery is pleased to present Kanaria’s painting exhibition “When I’m with You My World is Bountiful” from July 20th to August 4th. 

We are all individual beings, but we are not living alone. 

Plants, animals, and all people are living together in the nature.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we interact and interconnect with each other.

We are individuals, and together as a whole.

When I am with you, my world is bountiful. 

— Kanaria, June 2019

The exhibition will include 2 pieces of large oil paintings (270x140 cm and 140x140cm), 10 pieces of smaller paintings, a number of pottery works and some transparent watercolor paintings which Kanaria has started working on since last year. 

An opening reception will be held on July 19th.

架菜梨案 (かなりあ) |1987年大阪府生まれ。多摩美術大学美術学部絵画科油画専攻を2011年に卒業し、2015年にパリへ渡りBeaux-Arts de Paris 修士課程へ進み、2017年に修了した。パリ国際芸術都市(Cité internationale des Arts) にて現在レジデンス中。

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