Born in Hong Kong, 1976, Eric came to Japan in 1997 and learned his photography skills while working at Nishimura Camera, a camera store and photo lab in West Tokyo. In 2001, Eric graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts College and was awarded the Konnica Photo Premio Grand Prize for his series “Chikuseki To Mirai [Accumulation and Future]”. He has also received many other awards including the 19th Hitotsubo Photography Grand Prix for “Ichinichi To Eien [One Day and Eternity]” in 2002, the 2nd Visual Arts Photo Award - Grand Prize for “every where” in 2004 and in 2009, the 9th Sagamihara Emerging Photographer Incentive Award for “Good Luck China”. His main publications are “Good Luck China” (AKAAKA, 2008), “Look at this people” (AKAAKA, 2011) and “Eye of the Vortex” (AKAAKA, 2014).


1976 Born in Hong Kong
1997 Moved to Tokyo
2001 Graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts, Department of Photography
2001 Awarded Konica Minolta Foto Premio Prize
2002 Awarded 19th 'Hitotsubo' Photography Grand Prix
2004 Awarded 2nd Visual Arts Photo Award Grand Prix

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