Born in Nebraska, USA in 1979. After graduating from the University of Nebraska he moved to Japan in 2004 and began exhibiting his photography in 2005. His main exhibitions include “Nebraska, The Good Life” (Nikon Salon, 2005), “The Difference Between” (Konica Minolta Plaza, 2007), “Gaijin Like Me” (Nikon Salon, 2008), “195” (Kaido Ribbon, 2010), “John Sypal Photographs” (Yokohama Sogo Leica Shop, 2015), and “An Endless Attraction” (Leica Tokyo, 2022). In 2010 he joined Totem Pole Photo Gallery, where he has been exhibiting his ongoing Zuisha series since 2012. From 2008 he began Tokyo Camera Style, through which he shares Japanese photographic culture online. The ongoing project was compiled and published as a photobook by Thames & Hudson in 2015.

Selected Publications

2015 - "Tokyo Camera Style" Thames & Hudson (London)

Selected Solo Exhibitions

"The Difference Between", Shinjuku Konica Minolta Plaza
"Gaijin Like Me", Shinjuki Nikon Salon
"Zuisha vol.1 - 17", TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY

Gallery Exhibitions

Publications & Prints