This new publication by Japanese photographer Tetsuya Kusu was originally created in Fall of 2016 during a road trip Kusu made along the West coast of North America, from Vancouver down to Los Angeles. He bought a $350 car on Craigslist and equipped it with a camera which shot images out of the passenger window at 15 second intervals in order to record a true documentary, an auto-graph. Each night, Kusu selected one image out of the vast amount of recorded photographs.
The photobook “Auto-Graph” is a collection of these mostly abstract yet concrete photographs, taken on a tour through the US in a period of decisive change, one which would rather aptly end with a car crash.

“My road trip unfortunately had to end as I was rear-ended by another car. It once again reminded me how life is often determined by predestined circumstances. Although I have been through several life-threatening events, I have been kept alive until today. As long as I am being kept alive, I would like to continue observing this life, full of intrigue and mystery.”
— from Tetsuya Kusu’s afterword

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