For “Baggage,” Tokyo-based photographer Yang Seung-Woo approached homeless people in Japan’s capital and asked them to reveal their belongings. In the photobook, he introduces his subjects through portraits, carefully arranged photographs of the objects and items they carry, and a short profile text that includes their names, ages, places of birth, occupations and answers to the questions “What was your childhood dream?” and “What’s your dream now?”

“I always thought that the baggage they carry is filled with things that represent their lives.
But when I looked inside, it wasn’t the way I expected. It seems like the baggage itself is something very important.
It’s their travelling companion in life, and sometimes, their pillow.”
― Yang Seung-Woo

-Book Size
255 × 182 mm
80 pages, 81 images
-Publication Year
English, Japanese

Artist Profile

YANG Seung-Woo

Born in Korea, Seung-Woo Yang first came to Japan in 1996. After graduating from Nippon Photography Institute and the photography department of Tokyo Polytechnic University, he completed his graduate research in Media Art at Tokyo Polytechnic University and continued his career in Japan. In 2016, his publication “Shinjuku Lost Child” with Zen Foto Gallery, a monochrome street photography series which focused on the people at Kabukicho, Shinjuku received the 36th Domon Ken Award. He also released “End of the Line - Kotobukicho” with Zen Foto Gallery in 2017 and had his solo exhibition in inbetween gallery, Paris, expanding his activities internationally. His other publications so far include “You’re there and I’m here” (Shinpusha, 2006), “You’re there and I’m here 2” (Zen Foto Gallery, 2011), “The Best Days” (Zen Foto Gallery, 2012), “The Best Days” new edition (Zen Foto Gallery, 2019), "The Last Cabaret" (Zen Foto Gallery, 2020), "Yang-Taro Baka-Taro" (Zen Foto Gallery, 2021), "TEKIYA" (Zen Foto Gallery, 2022) and "Baggage" (Zen Foto Gallery, 2023).

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