Oscar Chik’s photobook “Digger” is an inside report from the world of gold-digger and sugar daddies.
Chik, after having been approached time and again by wealthy older men on Grindr (the gay dating app), decided to fraternize with the men who propositioned him. The book documents – in text – moments from Chik’s conversations with the men leading up to their hook-up, photographs from his dates, detail shots of restaurants, hotels and private homes, as well as some of the pictures Chik was sent on Grindr.

“It all started when, in 2013, I decided to work on a documentary project. I was looking at my interests then realized that old wealthy men would always approach me, flirtatiously. So, I decided to document it. […] I was always joking about wanting to have a sugar daddy but it’s not really my thing as you must use your body to make money, and this is one of the reasons why most guys are ashamed of it. I would never do it… Although if the guy has a private jet, I would never be ashamed of dating him.”

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