This latest publication by French photographer Maki includes images taken between 2001 and 2015 during many visits to Japan. The high-contrast black-and-white photos, from streetsnaps to portraits, landscapes and the occasional erotic image, paint a manifold picture of Maki’s extensive experience of Japan while avoiding the common mistake of needless orientalism.
Says Russet Lederman in her essay “A Journey to Japan Somewhere”: “Maki approaches photography as a series of open-ended encounters experienced from both inside and outside Japanese culture. (...) "Japan Somewhere" travels both figuratively and literally into Japan’s back alleys.”

Artist Profile


Born and based in Marseilles, France,
Maki is a photographer, publisher, composer of acousmatic music, DJ and radio producer.
Began taking photographs when he was 15 years old and studied photography in school in the early 80's.

He began his photographic career working as a photographer within the field of advertising, industrial photography, still photography, and modelling agencies. Disappointed he stopped shooting for a period of 6 years before returning to photography from 2000 onwards with a more personal and experimental approach.

In 2007 Maki was a founding member of the collective of European photographers SMOKE (Roger Guaus, Jukka Onnela, Monia Montali, Laetitia Donval, François Bodeux, Idalina Pedrosa and Maki).

In 2010 he founded Média Immédiat Editions. A collection of mini photo books. 10 mini books have been published to date with Onaka Koji, Morten Andersen, Ed Templeton, Ichiba Daisuke…

Maki has exhibited his workds in both Europe and Japan and has published his works in numerous international publications.