These photographs were taken with 8x10 inch monochrome films during 1971 to 1974. As a conscientious salaryman working in a printing company in 1970s Japan, Osamu Sato got one day’s holiday a week. On that precious day, he would take early morning train and a local bus up into the mountains of Gunma. He uses a large format camera. From the 8x10 inch negative he prints a contact print of superb quality. To make larger prints he uses his own home-made enlarger. Not only has he made a precious record but has done so as a true craftsman, and produced a great document of rural life.

Artist Profile

Osamu SATO

Born in Tokyo, graduated from Tokyo College of Photography
Established Osamu Sato Photo Studio in 1979.
Member of Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS)
Member of Japan Society for Arts and History of Photography (JSAHP)
Member of Japan Photographers Union (JPU)

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