1960 Born in Fukuoka.
1982 Graduated from Tokyo Photograph College (present name/Tokyo Visual Arts)
1982 Participated in the gallery [Image Shop CAMP]
1988 Opened up the gallery [KAIDO] at Tokyo (It was managed untill 1992)
2002 Participated in the gallery [photographers' gallery] at Tokyo
2007 Re opened up the gallery [KAIDO] at Tokyo

Selected Publications

1991 “Seitaka Awadachi-sou” Sokyu-sha
1996 “DISTANCE” Mole
2001 “Tokyo Candy Box” Wize Shuppan
2001 “hysteric Five : Onaka Koji” hysteric glamour
2003 “slow boat” Sokyu-sha
2005 “in-between Latvia,Spain” EU-Japan fest Japan Committee
2006 “GRASSHOPPER” Tosei-sha
2007 “DRAGONFLY” Tosei-sha
2008 “slow boat second publish”
2008 “The Dog in France” Sokyu-sha
2008 “1983 Nogata:Echoes of Coal and Steel” Grafica
2011 “Umimachi” Super Labo
2012 “Matatabi” Super Labo
2012 “DISTANCE” matatabi library
2012 “Umimachi・1997” matatabi library
2013 “twin boat” session press
2013 “LUCKY CAT” Matatabi library
2014 “EXTRA HARD” Matatabi library


1992 The 4th Shasin-no-kai prize
2002 The18th Higasikawa new photographer prize
2006 The Photographic Society of Japan new photographer prize

Gallery Exhibitions

Publications & Prints

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