Born in Ishinomaki in 1939, Hashimoto graduated from Nihon University, College of Art in 1964 specializing in photography. In 1974, he received the Newcomer Award from the Photographic Society of Japan with his photobook “Goze” (Nora-sha). In the same year, the series was selected in the “15 Photographers” exhibition at Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art. Hashimoto photographed Lee Dynasty folk paintings in Korea from 1979 to 1981, published in the book series Minga of the Lee Dynasty in 1982. Since 2011, he has been regularly returning to photograph his hometown, Ishinomaki, which was devastated by the tsunami.


1939 Born in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture.
1963 Graduates from Nihon University, Art Department, Photography Section.
1974 “Goze” published by Nora-sha, and received The Japan Photography Association Newcomer Award. “Goze” was selected in “15 Photographers” exhibition at Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art.  
1986 “50 Modern Poets” published by Recruit.
2005 “Kitakami River” published by Shunpusha
2011 Starts photographing the disaster areas of the Great East Japan earthquake centered around home town of Ishinomaki.
2013 “Goze” exhibition at Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
2014 “Goze” exhibition at Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo
2014 “Nishiyama Onsen – Empire of Nakedness” exhibition at Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
2015 “A Village Lullaby” Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
2016 “Biwa Houshi” Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo
2017 “Literary Scholars” Sokyusha, Tokyo
2017 “Doyagai - Day labouring districts of Japan” and “Doyagai - continued” Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
2017 “Goze” Books F3, Niigata
2020 “Goze” Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
2021 “This is Our Land” Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo

Selected Publications

1974 "Goze" Nora-sha
1988 "Goze" Aron Shobo
2005 "Kitakamigawa" Shumpusha
2014 "Ishinomaki - 2011.3.27~2014.5.29" Shumpusha
2015 "Kitakamigawa New Edition" Shumpusha
2016 "Undergrowth" Zen Foto Gallery
2017 "Sanya 1968.8.1 - 8.20" Zen Foto Gallery
2019 "Goze Asahigraph Reprint" Zen Foto Gallery
2021 "Goze" Zen Foto Gallery


1974 “Goze”, Newcomer Award, The Photographic Society of Japan


The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

Gallery Exhibitions

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