Zen Foto Gallery is pleased to host its third solo exhibition of photographs by Shoko Hashimoto from July 3 to July 25, 2015.

This exhibition comprises 17 silver gelatin prints, showing the photos taken in the Izuruha part of Itsuki village in Kumamoto prefecture in 1971, and the photos taken in Kaida village located in Kiso district in Nagano prefecture in 1973. Zen Foto Gallery will publish an exhibition catalogue in late September.

Rural Japanese life in the Seventies.
The essence of this life was ingrained in me since childhood.
In the Seventies, people were closer to nature, and nature was fertile and abundant.
The Jizo listened to the sad tale of the lullaby.

ーShoko Hashimoto

Artist Profile


Born in Ishinomaki in 1939, Hashimoto graduated from Nihon University, College of Art in 1964 specializing in photography. In 1974, he received the Newcomer Award from the Photographic Society of Japan with his photobook “Goze” (Nora-sha). In the same year, the series was selected in the “15 Photographers” exhibition at Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art. Hashimoto photographed Lee Dynasty folk paintings in Korea from 1979 to 1981, published in the book series Minga of the Lee Dynasty in 1982. Since 2011, he has been regularly returning to photograph his hometown, Ishinomaki, which was devastated by the tsunami.

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