Zen Foto Gallery is pleased to announce “Get Out Into Streets!”, an exhibition of black and white street photography by 8 photographers from April 23 to May 22. Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection from last year, our living environment has changed completely and we are still pressured to refrain from going out to prevent the spread of the virus. However, the inconvenience and limitations during the pandemic also made us realize how we had unknowingly enjoyed our direct contact with the outside world. As the state of emergency has been lifted in Tokyo and we have begun to gradually resume our normal activities, we can see how human beings are instinctively seeking the feeling of actual experience. We may say that it is fundamentally connected to the behaviour of photographers who go on the streets and capture images of the real world, producing what we call “snapshots”. This time, we have re-examined the existing works from this current point of view and selected a group of snapshot photographs for this exhibition. It is our greatest wish for this exhibition to provide empowerment for both the viewer and the exhibitor.

*Please note that the exhibition is divided into two parts:

Vol 1 (4/23-5/8)
Issei Suda “Mechanical Retina on My Fingertips”
Chotoku Tanaka “Panoramic Photography Europe 1975”
Shinya Arimoto “Tokyo Circulation”
John Sypal “Zuisha”

Vol 2 (5/12-22)
Hiromi Tsuchida “Autistic Space”
Tamiko Nishimura “My Journey, continued”
Takehiko Nakafuji “White Noise”
Naohiro Harada “Drifting”