In 1971, “Autistic Space” was the series that launched Hiromi Tsuchida’s career as a photographer, winning him the prestigious Taiyo Award. Despite being exhibited at Nikon Ginza Salon, the work was not made available in print.
For this 2018 publication by Zen Foto Gallery, Hiromi Tsuchida revisited his series of photographs taken in Tokyo’s Asakusa district. Tsuchida reworked the series, adding 30 new photographs and restructuring the order in which they appear. “I wanted to see if something valuable might emerge from the fusion of the photographs selected by the Hiromi Tsuchida of the 1970s and the Hiromi Tsuchida of 2018”, Tsuchida explains in his extensive afterword (in English and Japanese).

“Asakusa is still a place that communicates the past, and although I may have been carried away by my youth in willfully applying the term ‘Autistic’ to draw the city towards me, this conceptual manipulation was at least new at the time.”

Artist Profile


Born in Fukui Prefecture, 1939, Tsuchida entered Pola Cosmetics, Inc., after graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Fukui in 1963. While working at Pola, he began studying photography night time at the Tokyo College of Photography. After he left his company in 1971 to become a freelance photographer, his debut work “Autistic Space” captured in Asakusa received the 8th Taiyo Award and was exhibited at Ginza Nikon Salon. He had then released many other works and became a prominent photographer in Japan. Tsuchida received the Nobuo Ina Award in 1978 with “Hiroshima 1945~1979” and Award of the Year from the Photographic Society of Japan with “Hiroshima” in 1984. In 2008, he has received the Ken Domon Award with “Hiromi Tsuchida’s Japan”.

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