Zen Foto Gallery is pleased to announce Hiromi Tsuchida’s photography exhibition “Autistic Space” from April 7th to 28th. Hiromi Tsuchida’s first work “Autistic Space” marked his debut to the photography world through receiving the Taiyo Award in 1971. The work was not published as a photobook even though it was exhibited at Ginza Nikon Salon during that time.

After that, Tsuchida published “Zokushin”, “Counting Grains of Sand”, “Hiroshima” and other works that established his career as a photographer and his debut work “Autistic Space” had then become a hidden gem. For his exhibition “Autistic Space” this time, a selection of 18 works in black and white, re-edited from the old negatives, will be shown and a photobook under the same title will be published by Zen Foto Gallery in commemoration of this revival after half a century.

We will also be holding a talk event on April 13th with Hiromi Tsuchida. Kyoto-based photographer Naoki Fuse will be the interviewer for the event.

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