Monocrome photograph of Tokyo in 1995 and 2010. In 1995, when Nakafuji commented on the series of Night Crawler 2005, he said, “In the fictitious city you have carry imagination with you as currency”. After merely15 years, the street of Tokyo, the people, the textures have all completly changed. Nakafuji’s photographs have given us something insightful and unique. He express his conflicting feelings toward his native city. He produced two intense portraits of Tokyo separated by 15 years, in which the city has metamorphosed from pleasure-dome to sunless sea.

Book Size
182 x 257 mm
48 pages,, 36 images
Softcover, 2 books, slipcase
Publication Date
English, Japanese
Limited Edition

Artist Profile


Born in 1970, Tokyo, Japan. Photographer.

Drop-out, Waseda University Literature Department.

Graduated in Photography from Tokyo Visual Arts.

Produced several monochrome photograph books from travels in Japan, Eastern Europe, Russia and Cuba.

Active as photographer and as owner of Gallery Niepce in Yotsuya, Tokyo.

Gallery Exhibitions