Zen Foto Gallery is pleased to announce its exhibition “New Hong Kong Photozine: "Photography __ Studies"” from February 15 to March 19, 2022.

One year ago in January 2021, Hong Kong photographer Chow san founded a photo zine under the title "Photography __ Studies" [攝影__學], hoping to showcase different works of photography created by artists in Hong Kong. He saw that while a variety of photographic art and artists exist in Hong Kong, a very few of them are being introduced by the mainstream media in Hong Kong. Instead of simply presenting them on the internet or social media like how these artists usually publicize them on their Instagram accounts, Chow decided to do it on printed matter in order to let readers hold the work in their hands and decide on whether they like the artist's work, as well as whether to buy and own the zine as a presentation form of the work while offering the zine in an affordable price for anyone to purchase.

Chow named the photo zine "Photography __ Studies" because he wants to leave it open for everyone to have a different perspective towards photography, which is originally the way things are for art. What goes in the underscore/blank can be the study of philosophy, aesthetics of photography, or even a "non-study" of photography, according to Chow.

Along with this exhibition, Zen Foto Gallery will sell all the issues of “Photography __ Studies” by the following artists:

Dennis Soap (b.1981/China)
Shek Po Kwan (b.1988/Hong Kong)
Manson Lau (b.1981/Macau)
Fion Hung Ching Yan (b.1993/Hong Kong)
Cehryl (b.1996/Hong Kong)
Egg Cheung (b.1984/Hong Kong)
chung chung cheung (b.1988/Hong Kong)
Mark Pearson (b.1960/UK)
Victor (b.2004/Hong Kong)
Hang Tam (b.1978/Hong Kong)
Wabisabi Wasabi (b.1996/Hong Kong)