Zen Foto Gallery is pleased to announce its second exhibition.

Yang Yang kang is engaged on a 10-year project to document Buddhist communities in Tibet. To mark the first five years last year, he published the book “Buddhism in Tibet”. Yang documents the daily life of religious communities under threat of change. His previous work was an eight-year project to photograph villages in northern Sha'anxi province where Catholicism survived for centuries in secret.

In China cultures and communities with thousands of years of history are under threat
from changes brought by economic “progress”. The stunning images in Zen Foto's exhibition remind us of the fragility of a Tibetan Buddhist way of life under pressure to modernize and conform.

"I use photography to express my soul" - Yang Yankang

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Artist Profile

YANG YanKang

Born in Anshun County, Guizhou province, China in 1954. Lives in Shenzen, China. Member of French agency VU.