Michio Yamauchi was born in 1950 in Aichi Prefecture. He graduated from the Second Literary Department (no longer extant) of Waseda University. In 1980, he started night school at the Tokyo School of Photography (currently Tokyo Visual Arts School). In 1982, he graduated from the Tokyo School of Photography and took part in an independent gallery known as Image Shop CAMP, and began showing photographs in photography magazines and independent galleries. Since 1992, he has shot not only in Tokyo, but also in other major Asian cities including Shanghai, Hong Kong and Dhaka. His solo exhibitions include “Tokyo 1983.2.-1986.2.,” Olympus Gallery (Tokyo, 1986); “TOKYO, Tokyo,” Ginza Nikon Salon (Tokyo, 2002); “CALCUTTA,” Konica Minolta Photo Plaza (Tokyo, 2004); “Tokyo 2009.12.,” Third District Gallery (Tokyo, 2010); “Hong Kong 1995-1997,” ZEN FOTO GALLERY (Tokyo, 2016). His publications include Hito-e (Place M, 1992); Stadt (Sokyusha, 1992); TOKYO 2005-2007 (Sokyusha, 2008); Keelung (grafica, 2010). He is the recipient of the 20th Tadahiko Hayashi Award (for “Keelung,” 2011) and the 35th Domon Ken Award (for “Dhaka 2,” fiscal 2015). His photographs are included in the collections of The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Tokyo and Shunan City Museum of Art and History, Yamaguchi.

Selected Publications

1992 "Stadt", Sokyusha, Japan
1992 "hito e", Place M, Japan
1995 "Shanghai", Place M, Japan
1997 "HONG KONG", Sokyusha, Japan
1999 "MOLE UNIT No. 8 Noraneko - Stray Cats", Mole, Japan
2003 "TOKYO", Wides Shuppan Co., Ltd.
2003 "CALCUTTA", Sokyusha, Japan
2005 "HOLIDAY", YK Shuppan, Japan
2008 "TOKYO UP CLOSE", Rat Hole gallery & Hysteric Glamour, Japan
2008 "TOKYO 2005-2007", Sokyusha, Japan
2010 "Keelung", graficamag, Japan
2012 "TOKYO 2009-2010", Sokyusha, Japan
2012 "HITOE II", Sokyusha, Japan
2015 "DHAKA", tokyokirara, Japan
2015 "Hong Kong 1995-1997", Japan
2015 "DHAKA 2", Zen Foto Gallery, Japan
2017 "Banko", Sokyusha, Japan
2018 "Tokyo 2016-2017", Sokyusha, Japan
2019 "LONDON", Zen Foto Gallery, Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1983-1984 "Tokyo", CAMP, Tokyo
1984 "Tokyo -1-", Minolta Photo Space (Current Konica Minolta Plaza)
1985 "Tokyo, Showa 60 August", Minolta Photo Space 
1986 "Tokyo 1983.2 - 1986.2", Olympus Gallery, Shinjuku
1987-1995 "Tokyo", "hito E", Place M, Shinjuku 
1992 "hito E", Minolta Photo Space 
1994 "The Summer in Shanghai", Nikon Salon Ginza, Tokyo
1997 "HONG KONG", Nikon Salon Ginza, Tokyo
1999 "WAIKIKI", Nikon Salon Ginza, Tokyo
2002 "TOKYO", Nikon Salon Ginza, Tokyo
2004 "CALCUTTA", Konica Minolta Plaza, Shinjuku 
2005 "HOLIDAY", galeriaQ, Shinjuku 
2008 "TOKYO", Sokyusha, Tokyo
2010 "Tokyo 2009, December", Third District Gallery, Shinjuku
2010 "Keelung", Sokyusha, Tokyo
2012 "hito e Ⅱ", SEKKA BORDERLESS SPACE, Tokyo
2015 "DHAKA", Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
2016 "Hong Kong 1995-1997", Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
2016 "TOKYO", Taka Ishii Gallery Photography/Film, Tokyo
2018 "TOKYO 2", Taka Ishii Gallery Photography/Film, Tokyo
2019 "LONDON", Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo


1997 Inanobuo Award for the exhibition "HONG KONG"
2011 Tadahiko Hayashi Award for "Keelung"
2015 Domon Ken Award for "DHAKA2"


Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Shunan City Museum of Art and History

Gallery Exhibitions

Publications & Prints

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