It was in 2011 that Hiroyoshi Taira, out for a walk near the Arawaka River in Eastern Tokyo, noticed a settlement of several huts built along the riverside. Curious and astonished, Taira began portraiting the people who formed this little community just outside society.

"They were warm-hearted and welcomed me.
Each of them had a rich character and warm humanity.
I sought to know more about them and this area.
I became a regular visitor to Arakawa and drank with them from time to time.
Their surroundings have gradually changed.
This place might disappear in the near future.
But their intention to live on day at a time is profound.
These works are a document of people living life to the full,
Abandoning themselves to the flux of time.
I continue to follow the journey of their lives."

— Excerpt from the artist’s afterword

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