Participating Artists:
劉錚 Liu Zheng 「國人 The Chinese」「驚夢 Dream Shock」
木格 Muge 「回家 Go Home」Images
劉珂 Liu Ke 「平湖 Still Lake」Images
楊延康 Yang YanKang 「藏傳佛教 Buddhism in Tibet」
榮榮&映里 Rong Rong & Inri 「玉龍雪山-中國 Yùlóngxuě Snow Mountain, China」
王寧德 Wang Ningde 「某一天 Some Days」
張玉明 Zhang Yuming 「古塔 The Ancient Towers」
韓超 Han Chao 「 Rhapsody for my Wretched Little Universe」
223 「My Private Broadway」
林舒 Lin Shu「鴆 Toxic」

Artist Profile

LIU Zheng

1969 Born in Wuqiang County, Hebei Province, China.
Currently lives in Beijing, China


1977 born in Chengdu, Sichuan.
Currently lives in Chengdu.

YANG YanKang

Born in Anshun County, Guizhou province, China in 1954. Lives in Shenzen, China. Member of French agency VU.

WANG Ningde

Born in May, 1972. Kuandian Country, China.
1995 Graduated from Photography Department at Luxun Academy of Fine Arts.Currently lives and works in Beijing


1967 Born in Anhui, China
1990 Graduated from university, studied painting and sculpture
1990-2007 Teacher in a junior high school
2008-2010 Studied master degree in Chinese Academy of Art, majoring in photography

HAN Chao

1985 Born in Liaoning, China.

2005 Graduated from The Secondary Art School of LuXun Academy of Fine Arts

2009 Graduated from the Department of Photography of LuXun Academy of Fine Arts


Born in February 1981, Fujian.
Currently lives in Beijing.

Publications & Prints