Zen Foto Gallery is pleased to announce its first exhibition. Liu Zheng has had major solo exhibitions in Arles, Venice, Sagamihara as well as Beijing, Guangzhou and elsewhere in his native China. His book “The Chinese” was the product of eight years of traveling the nation, 1994-2002 and has drawn international recognition and much praise.

Zen Foto's exhibition will provide the first opportunity to see Liu Zheng's new work “Dream Shock” outside of China. The series contains 40 monochrome portraits that develop themes introduced in “The Chinese”.

Liu Zheng's images are reminiscent of the work of the classic inter-war portraits of August Sander in Germany and often reveal hitherto unknown aspects of the Chinese people. Liu Zheng wrote:

“With the curiosity of a child, I opened a box that should never have been opened, and that others might be unwilling ever to open. There are too many such boxes in China; people are accustomed to their existence, but few care what they hold. It seems that people have lacked such curiosity for a long time.” ー Extract from Liu Zheng “The Chinese”

Artist Profile

LIU Zheng

1969 Born in Wuqiang County, Hebei Province, China.
Currently lives in Beijing, China

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