I have taken and published pictures of LiLiCo 22 years ago as a photobook. They are in both color and monochrome and the shots were pretty good, different from typical ones taken of pinup girls.

There are prints that I have made from that time - not sure if I can call them “vintage” but they are great prints that have remained until today. I invited her to make another photobook in monochrome and possibly do an exhibition and she kindly agreed. While we were looking at the photographs together, LiLiCo requested me to photograph her once again after 22 years.

Certainly not only limited to women, 22 years’ transition of time would be clearly reflected on one’s face and body while one’s nature and temperament would also be unavoidably revealed. Everyone has their own best youthful time but LiLiCo in her current age emits a radiant atmosphere - an allure that cannot be deliberately produced.

Pictures of LiLiCo in her young days are beautiful and pure - somehow her nude figure did not feel bawdy at all. She mentioned how she is confident with her physical preparation for this second photoshoot as she sometimes participates in professional wrestling. Indeed, she looked so gorgeous in front of the camera that she doesn’t look like someone in 40s.

This exhibition includes vintage prints from 22 years ago as well as new works of her taken in monochrome and color. A photobook under the same title “ZETSUYA” will also be released under Futabasha.

ーTenmei Kanoh

Artist Profile

Tenmei KANOH

One of the most influential photographer in Japan since 1960’s. Also a writer, DJ, Actor, and various other art performances.