Wang Ningde has achieved something remarkable. In “Some Days” he has created a series of photographs with a mood thatis instantly recognisable as his. This mood incorporates nostalgia, memory and dreams.

What are we aware of when we close our eyes to sleep? Either nothingat all or that strange awareness when we dream. The dream is assembled by our unconscious minds from essential elements of our experiences.

One of the essential elements in Wang Ningde's photographs is the closed eyes, or at least the absence of open eyes. Another element is the Mao suit. Sun Yat-Sen designed the jacket, rejecting the elegance of traditional Chinese clothing and the style of Western dress. The absurd result is that this perversely unaesthetic garment became the emblem of communist China, it's strange simplicity matching the strange simplicity of the society that adopted it.

In the photographs of the series “Some Days” not all the subjects wear Mao suits, not all show eyes that are closed, but all contain essential parts of the dream. Wang Ningde has distilled 20th CenturyChinainto its pure elements.

王寧德完成了一些值得令人注意的事情。在 「某一天」的作品中我們可以看見他所編織出的那些情緒,已經讓人迅速地能掌握到,那是屬於王寧德的。而那是一種充滿鄉愁、記憶和夢的情緒。



Artist Profile

WANG Ningde

Born in May, 1972. Kuandian Country, China.
1995 Graduated from Photography Department at Luxun Academy of Fine Arts.Currently lives and works in Beijing

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