Zen Foto Gallery is pleased to present “De-porned Again”, an exhibition of artworks by Dokidoki Club, from 21 June to 13 July.

Based in Tokyo, pseudonymous artist Dokidoki Club creates drawings, videos, photographs, photo collages and various other techniques, all under the concept that “the desire to enjoy everything brings love and peace to the Earth”. Dokidoki Club’s work is popular with younger people in Japan and abroad. Zen Foto Gallery published “De-porned Mag” with Dokidoki Club in 2012, featuring a series of humorous pen drawings on porn magazine tear-outs. The book sold out quickly due to popular demand, and the long-awaited sequel, “De-porned Again” was published in 2022.

This is Dokidoki Club’s first solo exhibition at Zen Foto Gallery, showcasing original drawings on magazine tear-outs that were included in the publication “De-porned Again”. We hope you will enjoy the exhibition — full of light-heartedness and playful spirit, perfect for the start of summer!

Artist Profile

Dokidoki Club

Doki Doki Club is a pseudonymous Tokyo-based artist, who are creating works using various methods such as videos, photographs, and photo collages under the theme that the desire to enjoy anything leads to the earth of love and peace.

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